Allison Faunce of South Coast Open Air Market

May 13, 2019
Allison Faunce, the founder of South Coast Open Air Market, is growing her business from Somerset to a new location in downtown New Bedford. I invited her on to the podcast to talk about the new challenges she faces growing the brand and have her teach us how to increase brand awareness to reach new markets.  I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you do too. Don't forget to subscri...
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Dena Haden of The Co-Creative Center

April 11, 2019
There's so much for entrepreneurs to learn through art & creativity and who better to teach us than Dena Haden! You can find Dena at the Co-Creative Center in New Bedford, Superflat NB and in about a billion other community endeavors. There's so much to learn in today's episode and I hope you get a chance to thank Dena for sharing her lessons with us. Enjoy and don't forget to share (and
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Episode 7: Jeremiah Hernandez

February 08, 2019
I'm excited to sit down with my good friend Jeremiah Hernandez of EforAll to chat about his new role at the organization and how he got started as an entrepreneur in downtown New Bedford.  If you like the show, please share with others to help get the word out and don't forget to subscribe to never miss an episode!
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Episode 6: Kevin Rose Jr.

October 11, 2018
We're back with the new Fall 2018 of the We Are Here podcast! Today I'm excited to sit down with Kevin Rose Jr. of I first met Kevin during an eForAll cohort nearly 2 years ago. I remember his pitch of floatation "capsules" for restorative health and mindfulness thinking he was from the future. I'm happy to see Kevin's business is...
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Episode 5: Sarah Athanas

May 18, 2018
Sarah Athanas, co-founder of Groundwork, joins us to share her story on leading the south coast's premier co-working space. If you don't know what co-working is, or maybe you've heard of it and you're interested to learn more -- don't miss this episode. We'll also talk about finding space in New Bedford to set up a business like this, promoting a rather "unknown" type of business and buil...
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